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Date and time formatting comparison

The date and time fields available via strftime, .NET standard, or .NET custom format templates.

Locale-specific formats will differ outside en-US. strftime doesn’t support unpadded numeric values, so the conversion from .NET single-digit values are approximations that use leading zeros.

The examples are using a value of 2063-04-05T15:26:42.

Format comparisons

.NET strftime en-US example description
u %FT%TZ 2063-04-05T15:26:42Z UTC “sortable” (ISO8601) format
s %FT%T 2063-04-05T15:26:42 “sortable” (ISO8601) format
O or o %FT%H:%M:%S.0000000 2063-04-05T15:26:42.0000000 round-trip format
R or r %a, %d %b %Y %T %Z Thu, 05 Apr 2063 15:26:42 GMT RFC1123 format
D %A, %B %e, %Y Thursday, April 5, 2063 long locale-dependent date format
d %D 4/5/2063 short locale-dependent date format
U %A, %B %e, %Y %T Thursday, April 5, 2063 15:26:42 UTC long date and long time
F %A, %B %e, %Y %T Thursday, April 5, 2063 15:26:42 long date and long time
f %A, %B %e, %Y %R Thursday, April 5, 2063 15:26 long date and short time
G %D %r 4/5/2063 3:26:42 PM short date and long time
g %D %I:%M %p 4/5/2063 3:26 PM short date and short time
ddd MMM d HH:mm:ss yyyy %c Thu Apr 5 15:26:42 2063 locale-dependent date and time format
yyyy\-MM\-dd %F 2063-04-05 ISO8601 date
MM/dd/yy %x 04/05/63 locale-dependent date format
HH:mm:ss %X 15:26:42 locale-dependent time format
Y or y %B %Y April 2063 month and year format
M or m %B %e April 5 month and day format
T %r (%T for 24h) 3:26:42 PM long time format
t %I:%M %p (%R for 24h) 3:26 PM short time format
gg or g AD AD era
  %C 20 century
yyyyy %05Y 02063 five-digit year
yyyy %Y 2063 four-digit year
yyy %Y 2063 at least three-digit year
yy %y 63 two-digit year
%y %y 63 one or two-digit year
  %G 2063 ISO week date year
  %g 63 ISO week date two-digit year
MMMM %B April full month name
MMM %b or %h Apr short month name
MM %m 04 two-digit month
%M %m 4 one or two-digit month
  %U 13 week date week, 00 is first week < 4 days
  %V 14 ISO week date week, 01 is first full week
  %W 14 Monday-start week date week, 00 is first week < 4 days
  %u 4 weekday as a digit 1 = Mon through 7 = Sun
  %w 4 weekday as a digit 0 = Sun through 6 = Sat
dddd %A Thursday full weekday name
ddd %a Thu short weekday name
dd %d 05 two-digit day of month
%d %e 5 one or two-digit day of month
  %j 095 three-digit day of year
tt %p (%P is lowercase) PM two-character AM/PM 12h designation
%t   P single-character AM/PM 12h designation
HH %H 15 two-digit hours (24h)
H %H 15 one or two-digit hours (24h)
hh %I 03 two-digit hours (12h)
h %I 3 one or two-hours (12h)
mm %M 26 two-digit minutes
m %M 26 one or two-digit minutes
ss %S 42 two-digit minutes
s %S 42 one or two-digit minutes
FFFFFFFF   0 … 0000000 fractions of a second, only output if nonzero
ffffffff   0 … 0000000 fractions of a second
zzz %:z +00:00 timezone offset, in hours and minutes, with separator
zz %:::z +00 timezone offset, in two-digit hours
z   +0 timezone offset, in one or two-digit hours
K %Z Z conditional timezone based on Kind
  %z +0000 timezone offset, in hours and minutes
  %::z +00:00:00 timezone offset, in hours and minutes and seconds

.NET escapes

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