DataRef.xsltAn XSLT stylesheet to convert WSDL or XSD files to HTML quick-references
DBScopeBrowse tables and views, get statistical information about columns, and query directly though any .NET data provider.
LinkNav.jsA dynamic link-navigation toolbar
StartWithExecute a Windows command line using .NET format parameters
IWSHThe Interactive Windows Scripting Host
WinFCCompare attributes and equality of Windows files.
XMLQuery.htaDisplay XML query results using the highlighted and collapsing Internet Explorer default stylesheet.
Glob.wscGet a list of files or folders matching a wildcard expession.
OtherOpt.jsA simple implementation of Other... values for select lists.
Address OptionsIncludable select lists for countries, US states & territories, and Canadian provinces.
Validate.jsA powerful generic form validator.
ADOType.WSCADO type constants translator.
ASPFileFormASP multipart (file upload) form parser.
Data ExplorerBrowse tables and views, and query directly though an ODBC connection.
DocBook GeneratorsBuild documentation for a database table, a database stored procedure, a .wsf file, or a .wsc file.
Ftextarea2.htcA behavior that converts a textarea into a WYSIWYG HTML editor on the fly!
USHolidays.WSCA script component to check for US workdays and holidays.
xhtml2fo.xslAn XSLT stylesheet to convert XHTML to XSL-FO
SQL Binary ToolSave and load binary and text column data by referencing a file in a SQL statement