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Windows Key Shortcuts for Windows 10 & 11

Hold down the Windows Key and press:

Ctrl Alt Key Action
      A Win11: Quick Settings; Win10: Action Center
      B Notifications (Tool Tray)
Ctrl   B Restart video driver (and others)
      C Win11: Teams; Win10: Cortana (if enabled)
      D Toggle Minimize All
Ctrl     D New virtual desktop
  Alt   D Calendar (missing in Win11)
      E File Explorer
      F Feedback Hub
Ctrl     F Computer Search
      G Game Bar
      H Dictation
      I Settings
      K Connect Wireless Display
      L Lock
      M Minimize All
    M Restore All
Ctrl     M Magnifier
Ctrl     N Win11: Notifications; Win10: Narrator Settings
      P Presentation Display Mode
      Q Search
Ctrl     Q Quick Assist
      R Run
      S Search
    S Screenshot Tool
      T Taskbar Cycle
      U Ease of Access
      V Clipboard History
      W Win11: Widgets; Win10: Windows Ink
      X Quick Link Menu
      Z Win11: Snap Layouts
      , Desktop Peek
      . Emoji Input
      ; Emoji Input
      + Zoom In
      - Zoom Out
      # Taskbar #
    # New Taskbar #
  Alt   # Taskbar Jump Menu #
      Task View
      Space Cycle Input Method (keyboard layouts, &c)
      Esc Close Magnifier
      Home Minimize all but the active window
      Pause Display the System Properties dialog box
      PrtScrn Screenshot PNG to Pictures\Screenshots
Ctrl     Enter Open Narrator
Ctrl     F4 Close active virtual desktop
Ctrl     Switch to virtual desktop to the left
Ctrl     Switch to virtual desktop to the right
      Cycle Maximize Leftward (disabled by multiple desktops)
      Cycle Maximize Rightward (disabled by multiple desktops)
    Move To Monitor Left
    Move To Monitor Right
    Maximize vertically